Meet the Writing Associates Series

Welcome, from the Writing Associates of Oberlin College!

Here you will find bios from all of the Writing Associates at Oberlin College. Read on to learn a little more about them and what they enjoy doing at Oberlin outside of classes.

Writing Center Writing Associates

Take a look at the bios from our Writing Center Writing Associates (WCWAs)! Many are new to the Writing Associates Program this spring, and they are really excited to be working with students in Writing Center (WC), or either of the satellite centers in the Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and International Student Resource Center (ISRC).

Grace Winters
Hometown: New York City, NY

Grace is a History major and a Politics minor, but she welcomes students working in any discipline. She is from New York City and enjoys spending time with her dogs, playing Sudoku and baking. She loves to talk about movies, TV shows, books, pets, and fun childhood experiences.

Sarah Dalgleish
Hometown: Boulder, CO

Sarah is a second-year English major and Rhetoric and Composition minor. Outside of class, she is on the swim team, works as a student blogger, is involved with WOBC, and is currently collaborating with Kendal Retirement Home to create a podcast interviewing residents. Speaking of podcasts, Sarah loves them. If you say the word “podcast” around her, be ready for an hour-long conversation. You can bring her your podcast scripts to work on (in fact that would be a dream) or writing from any discipline, especially English, creative writing, and Spanish.

Giulia Chiappette
Hometown: Berkeley, CA

Giulia is a second-year from Berkeley, CA. She’s an English and Environmental Studies double major and when she’s not studying she can be found playing music, writing, or eating. She works in Wilder, edits for Wilder Voice and is often involved with theatrical productions on campus. She is looking forward to her first semester in the Writing Center!

Janine Chouinard
Hometown: Ann Arbor, MI

Janine is a second-year and a proud native of Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a fondness for cats. When she is not doing piles of reading for English and History classes, she can be found napping on the second floor of Mudd, working as a museum attendant in the Allen, or playing Quidditch for the Oberlin Obliviators. She looks forward to working with you this semester!

Vanessa LoChirco
Hometown: Everett, MA

Vanessa is a New England girl wherever she goes. She is not afraid to voice her opinion and loves to stay strong within herself. She is a Religion major with an Educational Studies concentration. Vanessa welcomes anyone to come for help or whatever they need because she loves to help people and seeing them feel good about what they have created makes her feel good. Outside of academics, Vanessa loves running, baking goodies and coloring. She will talk to you about anything and everything and always loves making new friends!

Will Cramer
Hometown: Wellesley, MA

Will views pieces of writing like he views LEGO creations: meant to be broken, rebuilt, and rearmed with superior armaments in the form of concise topic sentences. When not playing with words, Will can be found in Mudd late at night or holed up in his room battling his friends in Magic the Gathering. He is the treasurer of Project Unbound and Oberlin Animal Rights, and his academic interests revolve around Chinese politics and culture, religious ethics, and emptiness.

Sihan (Simon) Xiong
Hometown: Beijing, China

Simon was diagnosed with bone cancer the second semester he came to Oberlin, but he lived with it and went to classes while having chemotherapy. After the surgery, he couldn’t play soccer anymore but he believes that he can do something else interesting. Now, besides studying, he admires his composer friends and hangs out with them. He takes music classes and play instruments to (naively) try to catch up with his composer friends.

Dylan Bozcar
Hometown: Yellow Springs, OH

Dylan is passionate about the things he thinks are interesting. Be it the US education system, the opinions of old psychologists, or the latest CRISPR technique, he can get riled up about almost anything. His friends have said, “Dylan gets really excited about stuff, and it makes me excited about it too.” Come and tell him about cool things! Weird science and psychology are his favorites (and if you tell him “psychology IS a science,” he’ll laugh and be your friend forever). If you ask, Dylan will be happy to wax eloquent about the pros and cons of ‘accuracy vs impact’ in science, how much he hates the Myers-Briggs, or what it was like going to an international psychology conference (basically: sooo coool). In his free time, Dylan enjoys being a massive nerd, guzzling hot sauce–spicy sauce, none of this jalapeno nonsense–and waving his arms like a conspiracy theorist.

Delaney Kelly
Hometown: North Royalton, OH

Delaney Kelly is a second-year whose primary interests include theater, writing, and Feve tater tots. She has been best described as “a pleasure to have in class” and “aggressively Hufflepuff.” Last winter term she created a vlog series based on Sylvia Plath’s college journals. Aside from assisting in writing endeavors, she’d be happy to talk about musicals, books, Netflix shows, and your existential fears.

Min Hye Yeo
Hometown: South Korea

Min Hye is a Psychology major who has gone through the arduous process of transferring from the Conservatory to the College. Having played the Cello and Piano for numerous years, she holds an interest in all genres of music. You can find her in her natural habitat (back home in South Korea) cuddling with her 17 year old Cocker Spaniel, Lily (whom Min Hye has known as her little sister ever since she was 5), pretending to eat Lily’s nose (which always succeeds in annoying Lily), and participating in spin, trampoline, and Zumba classes. She is passionate about health and wellness – she can be described as an emerging health nut secretly in love with McDonald’s and is always on some kind of a holistic wellness journey involving good food, exercise, and stress reduction.

Tavi Gerstle
Hometown: Northampton, MA

Tavi is a third-year Creative Writing major. They enjoy tabletop roleplaying games, crafts of various sorts, and collecting trivia. They are very excited to be a Writing Associate this semester.

Julia Berrebi
Hometown: Potomac, MD

Julia is a Bob Dylan fanatic who would welcome any and all discussions regarding Shakespeare and/or The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Though English and psychology are her majors, she enjoys working with writing across all subjects. You can find her doing psychology research, petting a dog, or dancing in Warner, South Studios, and in most other public spaces. She generally applies Dwight Shrute’s method of decision making, so that before she does anything, she asks herself, “Would an idiot do that?” If the answer is yes, she does not do that thing.

Giselle Glaspie
Hometown: Essex Junction, VT

One time, Giselle won a trip to Six Flags from a yogurt lid, and that was probably the most exciting thing that will ever happen to her. Someday she wants to work as a park ranger in the place where they filmed Twin Peaks. She enjoys finishing books, playing piano, skiing, and making plans with her friends for their up-and-coming Youtube channel. Sometimes she behaves like a cat but is trying to get better about that.

Miche McCall
Hometown: Portland, OR

Miche is a bridge-loving coffee-drinking Portland native who spends most of their time at Slow Train, both behind the counter and in front of it. They play on the Preying Manti, love to run, and they hate lifting weights but pretend to like it so they can rock climb. Miche is working to become a high school English teacher but really has only worked with people under the age of 8 before, so tutoring in the writing center is far from their normal teaching age range. Miche loves to talk about coffee, sports, good books, and traveling.

Ellen Ward-Packard
Hometown: Lake Geneva, WI

Ellen is a second-year from Wisconsin, from whence come all good cheeses. She enjoys bees, Gothic literature, and mucking about in the Arb. Her Oberlin experience has involved falling in love with a lot of things she learned to hate in high school, most recently stream-of-consciousness narration, short stories, and horror media. If writing isn’t your thing, she’d also be happy to chat about medieval meadmaking.

Sean Kuo
Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA

As a Biology major and pianist from California, Sean enjoys hearing ideas of all sorts and listening to the passionate people behind them. Currently pursuing the medical field, he entertains himself by playing soccer, listening to music, and talking to people about the latest sneaker drops. But if there’s one thing he can’t resist, it’s a good challenge that pushes him to improve whether it’s physically or academically. That being said, feel free to bring him any papers you want to have looked at.

AJ Poen
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

AJ spends her free time thinking nerdily about language, leaving long voicemails for her friends, and binging low-brow TV. You can find her either in the science library or in Peters language lab. She is pursuing a career in social work.

Elijah Aladin

Rehaan Bux
Hometown: St. Charles, IL

Rehaan Bux is from St. Charles, Illinois. He is a likely Biology major and Chemistry minor, with a love of music and writing. He is always seeking ways to improve his own writing, and he loves to help others improve their writing as well. Outside of the classroom, Rehaan is an avid reader, and enjoys other activities such as drawing, playing video games, and playing tennis.

Lucas Brecher
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Lucas is from Los Angeles, but don’t hold it against him. In his spare time, he enjoys needlepointing, programming computer music, and staycations. He spends most of his time with his dog Homer and would love to show you a picture of him. Favorite prospective emo band names include Post-You, Malcom and the Middle, and I Wish God Were Alive to See This.

Charlie Kimball
Hometown: Davis, CA

Hey! Somehow Charlie has managed to do all his work this week but left this writing center bio tab sitting open for six days. With his recently discovered love for cooking, he’s also finding it hard to concentrate on writing when he could be making and eating stir-fry. He just picked out a new kitchen knife! It was kind of weird buying it; unless you’re into cooking it looks like you’re getting tools to murder someone. Okay, maybe that isn’t true. But the cashier at Walmart might have given Charlie a weird look and he’s still figuring out whether that’s just him projecting… What Charlie won’t project onto are your papers! This is his third semester as a WA, his second time in the writing center, and the only semester where he’s feeling a little more confident in his writing; hence this meandering, disjointed bio. 

Thobeka Mnisi
Hometown: Nelspruit, MP, South Africa

MRC & ISRC Writing Associates

Check out the bios from our Multicultural Resource Center (MRC) and International Student Resource Center (ISRC) Writing Associates (WAs). These experienced WAs—Jad Kaiss, Victoria Albacete, Thobeka Mnisi, Brian Cabral, Olivia Pandolfi, & Rebecca Klein—work satellite writing center hours in the Multicultural Resource Center. Drop by and say hello!


Victoria Albacete
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

An English & Biology major with a Hispanic Studies minor, Victoria enjoys working with writing in both Spanish & English, especially in the brainstorming stage of the process. In addition to her work as a WA, Victoria is one of the Editors-in-Chief for both The Synapse and the Plum Creek Review, as well as the Production Manager for The Oberlin Review. She’s also worked at DeCafé since her first semester at Oberlin (stop by and say hi sometime!). Outside of work, Victoria loves dancing with Movimiento, planning future travels through her family’s native Argentina, and checking out stacks and stacks of books from the OPL. She’d be thrilled to talk with you about Harry Potter (Hufflepuff 4 life!), the essential nature of the Oxford comma, the crazy weird evolution of the English language, and why you should always use a kettle to heat water for tea.

Jad Kaiss
Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon

Jad is a junior from Beirut, Lebanon majoring in Theatre and Economics. He is enjoying the ~Oberlin experience~ by living in South Hall, playing club soccer, and being a PAL Coordinator. You can catch him procrastinating in Wilder Bowl all the time.

Brian Cabral
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Also a CWA for ENGL368: Cultures of Basketball

Brian is a fourth-year Sociology major and Rhetoric and Composition minor from the Southwest side of Chicago. He enjoys doing research through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and assists professors in their research agendas. Outside of academics, Brian spends his time working at the student employment office, serving as co-chair of La Alianza Latinx, and playing rugby. Brian loves to engage in interdisciplinary work, so you can feel free to come talk with him about your writing in whichever discipline you are a part of.



Rebecca Klein
Hometown: New York City, NY

Rebecca is a double-degree Guitar Performance and Creative Writing major. Originally from New York, she moved to the Midwest for high school and hasn’t gone back to the East Coast since. Besides her work as a CWA, Rebecca has worked for Oberlin’s Disability Resources as a Student Accessibility Advocate. When Rebecca isn’t in the practice room, she likes to read National Geographic, drink coffee, and imagine she’s surrounded by mountains instead of cornfields.

Olivia Pandolfi
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Also a CWA for ESOL130: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Olivia is a co-editor-in-chief for Wilder Voice, works for SWAP: the Oberlin Book Coop’s management team, and sings. You might find her counting the Student Union’s $$ as a bookkeeper, reading Harper’s monthly, downloading more podcasts than she can keep up with, or re-watching West Wing (again). Come to Olivia with questions about post-colonial literature, Nicaraguan poets, or the recipe for the best lentil soup you’ll ever eat. (She’ll also work on your writing with you, including research papers, analytical essays, poems, resumes, and dramatic confessions of love and/or hate.)






Course Writing Associates

Peruse the bios of our Course Writing Associates (CWAs) as you wish – we promise you’ll get to know them a bit better. As CWAs, these students work directly with one course for an entire semester to help students negotiate the learning of writing alongside the learning of course content. Trained in writing pedagogy and equipped with knowledge of the specific course’s content and assignment goals, CWAs are able to offer their students specialized guidance and serve as an accessible peer-resource throughout the semester.

Clara Margaret Flood
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI & Oberlin, OH
GEOL212: Earth Surface Processes

ClaraMargaret is a Geology major, horseback rider, dog and cat lover (no, she refuses to pick between them), aspiring photographer, violinist, reader, and writer. She’s trained her cat to do tricks (such as lie-down, roll-over, speak, and many more) and thinks that if Geology doesn’t work out for her, she might have a career as a cat whisperer (but she really hopes she’ll find a path in Geology). And speaking of cats, one of her favorite pastimes is curling up on a couch with a cat in her lap, a good book in her hands, and the sound of rain pattering away against the window. Unlike many of her peers, she cannot stomach coffee and thinks the only way it should be consumed is a scant tablespoon of coffee drowned in a cup of milk and several generous heaping tablespoons of chocolate syrup.

Chloe Deshusses
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
CMUS103: Introduction to the Anthropology of Music

Chloe is a fourth-year Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Rhetoric and Composition (the perfect balance of biology, chemistry, and writing!), with a specific interest in epigenetics and molecular biology. When she’s not hanging out in Love Lounge, you can find her in the kitchen in French House or the chemistry stockroom. She likes pineapple on pizza, squirrels (but hasn’t seen a live albino squirrel in 3 years at Oberlin!), and reading. She’s often guilty of using internet-speak irl and spends too much time thinking about the influence of memes in everyday communication.

Barbara Turnbull
Hometown: Burlington, VT
RHET103: Writing: Motives & Methods

Barbara is a second-year Chemistry and Politics major from Vermont with a love for all kinds of writing. At Oberlin, you can find her cooking in the co-op or “studying” in the science library. Her three needs are coffee, clogs, and tofu. Bring your roughest of drafts, and come chat with Barbara about writing, veganism, or classical music!

Peri Leavitt
Hometown: Narberth, PA
MHST255: Music of the Romantic Era

The two words that come closest to encapsulating Peri’s essence are “camp counselor.” When not goofing around the backwoods of Pennsylvania, she can be found goofing around on Oberlin’s campus–giving tours, practicing in the con (less often than she should), or attempting to befriend professors in their office hours. While music and English are her primary academic fields, she is happy to look at and learn about work from any discipline, as she secretly wishes she could have fourteen additional majors.

India Wood
Hometown: Winchester, MA
GSFS/CAST319: Sexual Absences

India is a Winchester, MA native and a third-year Psychology major with an Education concentration. When she’s not hanging out in the Writing Center, you might find her facilitating PRSM workshops, doing tours and interviews for the admissions office, eating in Pyle Coop, hanging out in the Oberlin HIV Peer Testing office, or volunteering as a sex educator for pre-teens with the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in town. In her free time, India loves going on hikes, putting hot sauce on her coop beans and vegetables, taking inappropriately long naps, and talking about the majesty of bears.

Simon Beer
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Art History Department

Simon does not like chocolate or baseball. Do not try to discuss chocolate or baseball with him. Simon’s favorite hobby is home brewing, mostly because it seems important to honor his last name. Daniel Day-Lewis and Simon Beer are both Irish Jews. Simon describes himself as a “human-sized shrimp.”

Ryanne Berry
Hometown: Jamesburg, NJ
ENGL299: Introduction to the Advanced Study of Literature

Ryanne Berry is a fourth-year pursuing an English and Religion major and a Politics minor. In addition to working as a Writing Associate, Ryanne has worked at The Oberlin Review and the Faculty-Student Partnership program. She spends most of her time in Mudd, but when she’s not there you can probably find her cooking in her apartment.

Austin Feuer
Hometown: Fort Collins, CO
ENGL 214: Image & Enlightenment

Austin is a third-year from Fort Collins, Colorado, and he studies English and Politics. When he’s not in class, he works as a Resident Assistant, Writing Associate, Ninde Scholar tutor, and as a TA and English Department rep. He is a triplet, which is a funnish fact that he can always rely on when enduring the myriad icebreaker activities that Oberlin offers. When he decided to matriculate at Oberlin, he simultaneously committed to four years in the assumedly uneventful rural Midwest, but really there is always plenty happening on campus for him–lounging with a book in Slow Train or playing Settlers of Catan with a few buddies are two choice favorites. He can’t wait to meet all of you—here’s to a great semester!

Gwennie Gardiner
Hometown: San Diego, CA
History Department

An English and History double major with a minor in Comparative American Studies, Gwennie has a particular fondness for puppies and coffee. When she’s not working as a History Writing Associate, you can find Gwennie copy-editing at the Review, playing on the soccer team, or running on the track team. Overall, Gwennie is excited to continue to help grow the History Writing Associate Program this fall.

Bri Di Monda
Hometown: Manhattan Beach, CA
RHET103: Writing: Motives & Methods

Bri is a fourth-year comparative literature and French major who has spent her Oberlin years head cooking pizza night in Tank, working for Donor Relations, and occasionally writing for The Oberlin Review. In warmer months she can be found either bike riding with friends or sitting in the arb on floaties, while in the winter she stays under blankets in her room or wears fur coats to go outside.

Maddi Kimball
Hometown: Discovery Bay, CA
ENGL231: Sports Literature & Cultural Fantasy

Maddi is a member of the Oberlin women’s soccer team and the ads manager for The Oberlin Review. When she’s not on the field or in the basement of Burton, she’s probably at the Local, or any place that has a good cup of joe to keep her running smoothly. Her hobbies include talking about her dog, and showing you picture after picture of his adorable face. Lately, she’s thought about picking up a new hobby – if you have any ideas, let her know.

Caracol Haley
Hometown: Seattle, WA
RHET205: Rhetorics of Gender Nonconformity

Caracol is a self-proclaimed “attention lover” who can often be found on the stage of the ‘Sco. When she is not at the ‘Sco or the Writing Center, she is probably out on a run or dancing in the safety of her own bedroom. She majors in Comparative American Studies and Sociology, and also has experience with English essays, but is willing to help with any writing. Lastly, Caracol’s new favorite hobby has been coloring in her Moana coloring book.

Luke Fortney
Hometown: Orange County, CA
ENGL206: Shakespearean Tragedy

Luke began his editorial career two years ago—on the day same day his career as a writer ended. After being rejected from Oberlin College’s Creative Writing program three consecutive times, he turned to copy editing with The Grape newspaper and has since been promoted to managing editor. Although feature stories are his specialty, he enjoys reading (and editing) news, op-eds and satire. In the past year, he has developed a more healthy relationship with feedback and can now cook dinner for friends without having to qualify that “it’s missing something.” His culinary interests extend to the fridge, where he stores his own homemade salsa, pickled jalapeños and an extensive collection of hot sauces.

Kameron Dunbar
Hometown: Detroit, MI
POLT120: Introduction to International Politics

Kameron is a third-year Politics major who is sick of hearing himself talk, so he became a Writing Associate to read other people’s thoughts and opinions. You might catch him in Mudd working on a Policy Memo, trying to think of something fresh for his column “Kam’s Korner” in The Grape, or vigorously typing a response to his HuffPost editor. If it’s too early to be awake, you might find him in the Admissions Office giving interviews to prospective Obies or doing other things that interns do. Kam loves Faygo (hates Lacroix) and suggests that you Google it if you’re unfamiliar–it’s a staple in his hometown Detroit.

Brian Cabral
Hometown: Chicago, IL
ENGL368: Cultures of Basketball

Brian is a fourth-year Sociology major and Rhetoric and Composition minor from the Southwest side of Chicago. He enjoys doing research through the Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship and assists professors in their research agendas. Outside of academics, Brian spends his time working at the student employment office, serving as co-chair of La Alianza Latinx, and playing rugby. Brian loves to engage in interdisciplinary work, so you can feel free to come talk with him about your writing in whichever discipline you are a part of.

Sydney Allen
Hometown: Indianapolis, IN
RHET208: American Political Rhetorics

Sydney is a third-year English and History major. Her passion is journalism, and when she isn’t helping students as a Writing Associate, you can find her in the Burton Basement working as News Editor of The Oberlin Review. She is obsessed with the Review and will talk about it anytime someone gives her the chance, much to the chagrin of her roommate and friends. Her goal is to end the 20-year feud between the Review and the Grape, but unfortunately, the Grape might be a bit too immature and disorganized for that… She is also a defender on the women’s lacrosse team. She loves defense because, although offenders get all the glory and stats, defense is way more satisfying — who wouldn’t want to stop Kenyon from getting any points?! She loves challenging herself and putting herself in situations she is ridiculously unqualified for, like signing up for an 11 mile “Tough Mudder” obstacle course or agreeing to go on a 12 hour, overnight, rucksacking hike.

Faith Shaeffer
Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, NY
RHET207: Literary Journalism

Faith loves winter, and all cold-weather related things. When she isn’t curled up in Mudd with a big blanket scarf she can be found hopping between the Art Library and the frisbee fields with a cup of Earl Grey tea and a few pairs of wool socks on. She loves to read both fiction and nonfiction and is constantly seeking the perfect method to balance her reading list with her schedule. She is very open to suggestions for how to achieve this.

Frances Purcell
Hometown: Boulder, CO
CLAS240: Identity Citizenship in Ancient Democrazy

Frances Purcell is a fourth-year Religion major and Dance minor, who also loves studying Classics, Psychology, and Rhetoric. Outside of the classroom and Writing Associate Program, Frances directs ViBE Tap Dance Company, teaches the Beginning Tap ExCo, teaches dance to kiddos in town, and works in the Conservatory Library. Her strengths include climbing mountains, passionate discussions about Lord of the Rings, and memorable exits involving moonwalking. Her weaknesses include shadow puppetry, hulahooping, and eating a few too many biscuits from Slow Train. Frances prefers she/her/hers pronouns and would love to meet you (preferably over biscuits).

Olivia Pandolfi
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
ESOL140: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Olivia is a co-editor-in-chief for Wilder Voice, works for SWAP: the Oberlin Book Coop’s management team, and sings. You might find her counting the Student Union’s $$ as a bookkeeper, reading Harper’s monthly, downloading more podcasts than she can keep up with, or re-watching West Wing (again). Come to Olivia with questions about post-colonial literature, Nicaraguan poets, or the recipe for the best lentil soup you’ll ever eat. (She’ll also work on your writing with you, including research papers, analytical essays, poems, resumes, and dramatic confessions of love and/or hate.)

Sadie Gelman
Hometown: Northbrook, IL
Art History Department

Sadie is an art historian, artist, and lover of ramen and naps.

Colin Sanborn
Hometown: Northampton, MA
Art History Department

Colin has bounced from state to state throughout his life, but currently calls Massachusetts home. He is an Art History major with a particular fondness for the Baroque period and a deep appreciation for writing in general. He also loves the Mountain Goats, Batman comics, and the supernatural/paranormal, and would be happy to hold forth on any or all of the above.

Eliza Guinn
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
History Department

Eliza is a fourth-year who is excited to be working both as a Writing Associate and a copy editor for The Oberlin Review. She’s also the co-chair of the Student Labor Action Coalition, and spends her free time reading science fiction and talking about science fiction. She spent the summer studying French in Provence and seems to think that this has turned her into a wine expert.